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Quality Assurance

Arcbuild's Quality Assurance Guarantee

ARCBUILD P/L Quality Assurance Plan has been developed to ensure that Quality is managed effectively throughout all projects. We always provide assurance that all projects will meet the quality standards of the Insurance Industry, as well as to guarantee all parties in the process are satisfied with the level of service provided by ARCBUILDs in-office personnel and on-site crews.
It is of extreme importance for ARCBUILD to maintain the highest level of quality in all projects. We hold a level of responsibility and respect to all aspects involved in the process of restoration, to ensure timelines are kept, standards are met, and quality is assured.
Quality Standards:
All projects will incorporate as minimum, standards from the following sources;
• Building Code of Australia
• ASNZ published standards
• 2007 Guide to Standards and Tolerances
• Manufacturers installation recommendations

Quality Assurance:
The following activities will ensure satisfying and meeting standards of the Insurance Company, the Adjuster, the Insured, the client and/or the homeowner, and ARCBUILD project Supervisors and Co-ordinators;
• Approval of all project plans by the above listed
• Sign-off on all changes to the project plan by the Insured and the Project Supervisor and co-ordinator with a Variation Instruction Agreement
• Full testing of all project deliverables by both the Insured and ARCBUILD
• Proper documentation available at all times

Quality Assurance Process:
• Proper documentation at all times
• Remain in constant communication with all parties in the restoration process to ensure satisfaction at all times
• Adhere to provided timelines
• Weekly production meetings with regards to all projects in progress
• Full approval of all project deliverables by both the insured and ARCBUILD to ensure satisfaction
• Sign-off on all changes to the project by the Insured and either the Project Supervisor or Co-ordinator with a Variation Instruction Agreement
• Approval of all project by the above listed


To provides information to assist Arcbuild and their Project Teams in carrying out their Quality Assurance (QA)-related roles and responsibilities.

To identifies key areas of Arcbuild’s crucial involvement in the QA-related mission success. To helps us implement a QA program that satisfies QA requirements throughout the Critical Decision process.


This applies to Critical Decisions and projects, including design, design – build, design – bid – build, operations, maintenance, decontamination, decommissioning, and environmental restoration.

To develop the overall project strategy; establish requirements and performance expectations; manage the contract; monitor and assess performance; and proactively anticipate and resolve issues that impact project success. While the overall project is executed under the direction of the Arcbuild staff, the contractor is over seen by our site supervisor to typically manages daily execution.

Arcbuilds Quality Assurance Strategy and Policy

As early in the acquisition process as practicable, the project manager should:

• Decide whether to use an existing site-wide QA program, use the contractor’s corporate QA program, or develop a project-specific QA program.

Note: Using an existing QA program may not be viable for exceptionally large, complex, or unique projects. In these cases, the contractor should be encouraged to develop a standalone, project- specific QA program.

• Ensure QA requirements are documented in vendor or subcontractor contracts.

• Address when and where the QA oversight and reporting chain will exist in the project and contractor organizations (i.e., who reports to whom).

• Identify the applicable voluntary consensus standard or standards, using current BCA and      manufacturers guidelines as a minimum.

• Ensure implementing procedures are developed and implemented before the requisite work is performed.

• Evaluate the adequacy of the project-specific QA program or the corresponding contractor’s project-specific QA program.

• Ensure the availability of appropriate personnel resources to support project-specific QA program implementation, including QA oversight.

• Identify document control and records management systems, consistent with applicable codes, regulations, and directives.

• Senior management commitment and acknowledgement of ownership for project quality

• Commitment to the QA program as the mechanism to ensure requirements are met

• Commitment to define quality requirements before work starts

• Commitment to comply with project quality requirements

• Commitment to stop work if unable to comply with quality requirements

• Commitment to monitor processes continuously
Appropriate management should endorse the QA Policy in writing.
Quality Assurance Program

The Arcbuild project management portal is a quality-related management system to “do work correctly.”
Each stage of the project is documented in the Arcbuild project management portal.

The Project manager is required to inspect each stage of the project activities to ensure project lessons learned (positive and negative) are produced.