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Arcbuild Insurance Restoration

Australian Insurance Restoration Professionals

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Arc Waste


We offer waste recycling & waste disposal services with positive benefit and less impact to the environment

Cheap bins, all areas long or short term hire.

ArcWaste uses a variety of waste collection methods:

  • the Hook Lift system for larger commercial applications
  • the Lift On system for tasks requiring extra versatility and flexibility
  • the Front Lift system for when it needs to be compact and "out of sight"

The Industrial Vacuum Loader vehicle is designed for the removal of material with high solids content

We are always looking into new technology to improve our waste recovery processes. Recycling to maximise the recovery and recycling of resources from waste

Our Waste Management is based on the concept of identifying opportunities for converting waste rather than disposing of it. This complex issue requires a dedicated approach to identifying the scope of handling "waste recycling" and "waste disposal" with positive benefit and low impact to the environment.