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Arcbuild NZ

New Zealand Eathquake

On the 6th November 2012 the Arcbuild team flew into Christchurch in response to a request from the Christchurch City Council.  Christchurch City Council requested information in project planning the initiation, logistics and structure of the repair process.

Earchquake ctv building NZ

Arcbuild stepped up to the challenge and we’re pleased to announce, Andrew Wheeley is heading Arcbuilds Christchurch Repairs Program.

Andrew Wheeley
Andrew Wheeley
Senior Project Manager - Arcbuild Christchurch Repair Program

Andrew, our new Senior Project Manager, Studied at Canterbury University. He was born in Southland and has lived in Christchurch for 30 years hence has a local knowledge of the area and building regulations. Andrew's been involved in the earthquake restoration development since the catastrophe occurred in 2010.


Arcbuild provided assistance in formulating the repairs and restoration of council owned properties as well as the residential and commercial buildings at the Christchurch City Council’s Earthquake repair RFI workshop.

christchurch earthquakeEarchquake NZ

Our construction teams are expecting to commence earthquake repairs in early 2013.

For further information on Arcbuilds Christchurch Repairs Program, Please contact Darren Paxton or Andrew Wheeley on 1300 095 393