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Arcbuild Insurance Restoration

Australian Insurance Restoration Professionals

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Arcbuild Insurance is a leader in providing Bio-Hazard Clean-Up services, we help a wide range of customers including insurance companies, town and city municipalities, emergency departments, property managers, commercial building owners and private home owners. From our years of on- the-job experience and with extensive training we have changed the way sensitive Bio-Hazard Clean-Ups are handled.

Our trained crews are certified in Bio-Hazard Clean-Ups and are equipped to handle a variety of jobs:

  • Animal waste and carcass Clean-Up (birds, bats, rodents, possums)
  • Contagious disease contamination
  • Death, Suicide and Crime Clean-Up
  • Chemical/Lab Clean-Up
  • Human waste contamination
  • Accident contamination
  • Law enforcement contamination (holding cells, police vehicles, interrogation rooms)
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbon (PCB) contamination and disposal (capacitors, transformers, assorted liquids and solids)

PCB Decontamination and Disposal

Arcbuild Insurance provide a comprehensive Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) decontamination, removal and disposal services for waste products including capacitors, transformers, assorted liquids and solids. We follow specific regulations for the removal and disposal of these substances including incineration, recycling (where possible), chemical treatments and transportation to landfills. All PCB jobs include tracking requirements, out-of-service dates, and all necessary documentation.

Crime/Death/Suicide Scene Decontamination

We are keenly aware of the sensitive and difficult nature of the work required to decontaminate areas following a crime, death or suicide. These events understandably cause severe anxiety and pain for all parties involved. Our job is to handle the Clean-Up as quickly, effectively and sensitively as possible. Given the nature of these events, response time is critical. In most cases, we begin our services immediately after receiving the initial call and typically work around the clock until the job is complete. Often, these scenes are contaminated with microorganisms, viruses and toxins. Because they can pose a significant threat to human health, we use approved industry protocols to safely and completely remove these organisms.

Chemical/Lab Clean-Up

We offer Clean-Up services for facilities that have been exposed to dangerous chemicals or have been used as chemistry labs.

In these cases we will:

  • Inspect the premises to determine what chemicals are present
  • Supply all team members with relevant protective gear before Clean-Up begins
  • Ventilate the property before and during Clean-Up
  • Remove all unnecessary items and dispose of them
  • Remove contaminated items and dispose of them
  • Remove all building materials located in close proximity to the area exposed to dangerous chemicals
  • Clean all surfaces and the ventilation system using HVAC protocols and OH&S regulations
  • Continue to ventilate the property for the required amount of days after decontamination is complete
  • Conduct post-Clean-Up tests to ensure that all dangerous chemical traces have been removed