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Black Mould

Mould Remediation

One of the primary issues affecting property owners after a flood and also one of the most underestimated issues if leaks and floods are not dried properly, the moisture in the air can lead to mould infestation.

If mould spores are present in abnormally high quantities, they can present a health hazard to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions, producing mycotoxins or causing fungal infection (mycosis).

The active ingredient in the product we treat affected surfaces with is a Bioflavonoid Complex and is a plant extract.It is highly efficient at killing bacteria, mould and mould spores. As opposed to chlorine which is toxic and corrosive and does a poor job on eliminating mould spores. Bioflavonoids are found in all plants and are in very high concentrations in the coating around the plant seeds. The product we use is non-toxic, non‐corrosive is extremely effective and does not bleach. It kills mould and mould spores instead of simply bleaching them. The dead carcasses of the mould can be easily removed by wiping the surface with a damp cloth.  As opposed to the old fashioned way of bleaching them to falsely believe that the spores have been neutralized and removed, when they have not, they have just been turned white.

After our work is complete we provide Sanitation and Moisture Certification.

When moisture intrudes, whether a result of natural disaster, water leak, construction defect or prolonged exposure in a humid environment mould can occur, causing serious surface and sometimes structural damage as well as some health concerns. Arcbuild Insurance have offered mould remediation services well before it was recognised as a serious issue, due to our experience we are able to offer industry leading environmental remediation service.

The Arcbuild mould remediation service includes:

  • Initial testing and inspection 
  • Work scope Development
  • Tear-down, Containment set-up
  • Remediation and removal of affected building materials
  • Cleaning / decontamination of structures and contents
  • HVAC bacterial decontamination and cleaning
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Duct cleaning
  • Moisture control
  • Physically remove mould from the building surfaces and structure
  • Installation of temporary equipment such as vacuums and negative air machines during process

Safety & Training

Maintaining a safe environment for everyone, our crews, the owner, and occupiers of the affected structure is our priority. We perform every mould remediation job responsibly, safeguarding the environment in which we are working and using the industrys most up to date regulations and equipment to protect employees and customers. We also follow all state, federal, OH&S and EPA guidelines when performing mould remediation services.