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Arcbuild Insurance Restoration

Australian Insurance Restoration Professionals

National Toll Free Ph: 1300 095 393

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Being a national leader in reconstruction services, Arcbuild Insurance is able to handle a wide scope of jobs, from minor domestic repairs following a water leak or overflow to complete rebuilding of large structures. Our teams complete many fire, smoke and water damage claim and restoration projects every year, and are skilled at working in the conditions that arise from the nature of this type of work.

Our reconstruction customers include custom private homes, apartments, hospitals, sports stadiums, manufacturing plants, industrial factories, commercial premises, historic buildings, shopping centres and churches.

Full Service from Start to Finish – the Arcbuild Insurance advantage. 

Arcbuild Insurance offers a distinctive customer service experience that involves constant communication with client and our management team with all the benefits of working with a large national company. With every job, Arcbuild Insurance assigns a project manager and foreman to oversee the reconstruction and to be a central point of contact from start to finish.

At Arcbuild Insurance we ensure jobs will be completed on time and on budget with all necessary documentation:

The project manager is assigned and sets up the initial inspection.

The project manager and client meet to discuss requirements.

The project manager prepares the claim document to present to the insurance company.

Once the claim is approved, the project manager prepares a quote estimate.

The client signs a contract outlining the scope of the work and budget.

The foreman is assigned to the project and meets with the client and project manager on site to review the repairs/rebuild.

The foreman interviews trades men, awards subcontracts, and schedules the repairs/rebuild.

The foreman coordinates all work performed by subcontractors and contractors and oversees material .

The foreman monitors inspections and conducts a final walk-through with client.