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Arcbuild Insurance Restoration

Australian Insurance Restoration Professionals

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Emergency Situations

Emergency Response

With an emergency, ensuring the safety and security of your home or business is our immediate concern.  Within hours of being notified Arcbuild Insurance Emergency Response Teams will be onsite to secure your premises causing minimal disturbance to the structure and its contents for the insurance companies inspection.

The Arcbuild Insurance Approach

Firstly any entry points such as doors, garages and windows and other openings that were damaged either by the emergency services or the emergency itself are boarded up.

Then we tarp the roof and other openings to ensure that no secondary damage occurs in case of rain, wind and other weather factors.

Next we secure the property with padlocks and chains and if necessary install temporary fencing to prevent trespassing, vandalism, theft and protect you from liability of injuries that might happen if someone enters the premises.  For our presige restorations we will have a Security Guard on site within one hour.

We provide first response services from pumping, excavation, rubbish removal to having security on site.