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Fire & Smoke

Fire creates damage worthy off its own Recovery Solution. Fire losses must be handled with care to ensure all the types of damage are identified such as flame, heat, soot fallout, smoke and water damage because large amounts of water are required to extinguish a blaze this introduces elements of corrosion, rust and mould growth. Arcbuild Insurance has skilled personnel and equipment to handle all levels of a fire loss both large and small from the initial emergency through to the final reconstruction.

Remediating a Fire Loss

After a fire many issues need to be addressed immediately. The process generally involves following procedures:

Debris Removal

After assessing the severity of the fire damage removal of the debris is the first step in remediating a fire loss. Arcbuild Insurance will conduct debris removal and initial deodorization as a foundation for the rest of the remediation process that will follow. Depending on the severity of the fire damage, debris removal is will be done by hand or with the use of heavy machinery.

Drying Out Water Damage

Arcbuild Insurance will handle the water and resulting moisture after a fire is put out, if it is safe to do so a thorough dry down of the area will be performed to prevent mould, mildew, rust and corrosion and prepare the premises for the next step of the fire remediation and restoration.

Deodorization and Cleaning

Fire damaged buildings and their contents show evidence of contamination from soot fallout and a lingering odour that needs to be treated professionally. To completely remediate these conditions, we deodorize the area and clean remaining contents as well plus the air conditioning and exhaust systems using our HVAC.

Handling electronics properly is crucial to preventing corrosion and particulate interference. Our electronics restoration personnel will assess each item and replace parts, perform maintenance and calibration as necessary. We also provide full pack-out and pack-in services to keep them safe during the reconstruction pocess.

Structural Reconstruction

At Arcbuild Insurance we are equipped to handle complete renovation or reconstruction of a burned-out building. As a main element of most recovery processes, reconstruction is the service we are most called upon to perform.