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Flood Damage

Flood damage to your home or business can be devastating, posing a serious threat to building components, interior furnishings and precious belongings. If not treated promptly, it may also eventually affect the entire integrity of the structure. The result can be costly repairs and rebuilding along the associated emotional distress.

Immediate Response Is Essential

The disastrous effects of flood water are reduced by swift and prudent action. An immediate emergency response by Arcbuild Insurances’ trained water damage technicians will stabilize the damage and keep it from progressing. This will give you the option of restoring assets and belongings instead of having to replace them.

Making You Whole Again

Even though the damage may look severe, restoration produces amazing results. Arcbuild Insurance has successfully restored valuable contents from a variety of water-damaged households and businesses throughout the years. From furniture, appliances, computers and family heirlooms, we have developed the necessary skills for successful flood remediation.

Sometimes natural disasters like storms and floods can cause an intrusion of water inside your home or business. Water, sewage, and the like can find their way in and we are ready to assist you twenty-four hours a day to get your house or business back to occupancy.

Out of panic, often people will try to clean up the damage by themselves. This can be a grave mistake as flood restoration involves not just water removal, but the drying process as well. With the use of specialized equipment, we can quickly and effectively extract excess water and dry out your property. Immediate extraction of water reduces damage to contents, structure and materials. Structural drying equipment is used to desiccate the affected areas to expedite the drying process and eliminate all moisture.

Safety is our priority

We guarantee complete protection of your property, family or employees. Removal of any kind of contaminated materials and debris is carried out effectively. Our expert workers avoid any kind of secondary damage and give you a clear and detailed reporting of the whole flood restoration process.