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Historic Preservation

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

Preserving the original look and feel of an historic building successfully during rebuilding or restoration requires skill and a close working relationship with the owner or property manager.  Many of our carpenters have extensive experience in vintage colonial and craftsman-style construction, so the work will not only be done right, it will also be finished to a historically-accurate manner. Arcbuild Insurance has restored historic buildings after fire or flood damage with the goal of period adherence while maintaining structural integrity. We stress the importance of using building materials appropriate to the time period where possible re-using the existing materials minimizing the need for complete replacement.

Arcbuild Insurance uses the following guidelines to ensure period adherence and client satisfaction:

  • When reconstruction of all or a part of an historic building is necessary, we use available documentation to ensure an accurate restoration.
  • We strive to preserve historic materials, features and spatial relationships during a restoration job.
  • We rebuild the historic property with period adherence to materials, design and colour.
  • We do not incorporate any features that were not originally used.
  • While reconstruction is performed in an historic location, we make sure that historical artefacts or features on the property are not impacted.