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Bundaberg resident Cynthia McKavanagh returns home faster than expected


When Bundaberg resident Cynthia McKavanagh watched rising water surround her Fagg Street house, she knew her home of 44 years was in serious and possibly irreparable trouble. What she didn’t expect was how fast Arcbuild would come to her rescue.

“I was surprised they came out so quickly – I thought I would be without a home for at least 6-12 months,” Mrs McKavanagh said. “But it was only a matter of a few weeks before they were here assessing the damage and starting repairs.”

Arcbuild’s building team were not only quick to respond to the crisis, Mrs McKavanagh said she was also very impressed at how fast Arcbuild responded to the complex issues. “Any little thing I had a concern with, they would come straight over and sort it out,” she said. “I was really happy with the entire process from beginning right to the very end.”

While Mrs McKavanagh enjoyed her old family home, she said she was very excited about Arcbuild’s quality home restoration. “They polished all the floors and they’ve come up beautifully,” she said. “They look like new now and I wonder, why did I cover them up for so long?” 

Despite many people suggesting she relocate to a less flood prone area, Mrs McKavanagh said she was grateful Arcbuild had helped her get back to the community she knew so well and loved. 

“Everyone here knows your name so why would I want leave?” she said. “This is my family home.”

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