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Arcbuild Insurance Restoration

Australian Insurance Restoration Professionals

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Arcbuild’s mobile merchant facilities speed up the insurance claim process for customers, contractors and insurers


merchant facilities

Arcbuild’s mobile merchant facility payment system provides a safe, secure and swift method that makes life easier for everyone.  

“This movable, cordless, and wirelessly connected EFTPOS terminal is ideal for customers and businesses in temporary locations, or for those operating from remote points of service,” said Arcbuild Insurance Managing Director Darren Paxton. “We use Suncorp’s merchant facilities because it offers secure, peace of mind processing backed by advanced physical and logical security features.”

In addition to eliminating lengthy billing and payment cycles, mobile merchant facilities also benefit:

  • Insurers as money is recovered from their clients only when required e.g. premiums, excess in claims, and additional work not covered in the original insurance claim
  • Insured customers who agree it’s simpler to liaise with one person on the ground as opposed to dealing with multiple people and multiple payments. They also benefit from faster settlement times 
  • Sub-contractors and suppliers, as communication with insured parties and payments are professionally and efficiently handled by Arcbuild

“Mobile merchant facilities also enable faster processing and collection of payments, faster processing time for case managers, and a reduction in office work, especially for insurers,” Mr Paxton said. “This sophisticated technology drastically reduces the risk of fraud as a signature and PIN is provided direct by the credit card holder.”

Contact Arcbuild to find out how the company's swift mobile merchant facilities can help you.