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Arcbuild Insurance Restoration

Australian Insurance Restoration Professionals

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When clothing, textiles, furniture and documents are damaged during a natural disaster or environmental emergency the effects can be emotionally upsetting in addition to the damage caused to the structure itself. Arcbuild Insurance will handle your possessions with care throughout the restoration process from the initial assessment through packing, transporting, cleaning and restoration, storage and return of your contents.

Our Approach

Arcbuild uses an efficient, electronic pack-out and pack-in service that allows us to evaluate, catalogue and track your contents.

Before packing, we photograph each room to record items and their correct placement to ensure that all contents are returned to original positions.

Using industry-approved packaging materials and boxes for safe transportation and storage of your contents everything from small keepsakes, clothing and household goods are returned safely.

All items are catalogued and labelled by room and contents.

Contents requiring additional specialty services are clearly identified and tagged:

Electronic equipment such as computers, home entertainment systems and appliances requiring corrosion removal

Paper documents such as business papers, photographs and books requiring special treatments like freeze-drying

Art including paintings, sculptures and statues requiring cleaning and restoration

Clothing and linens requiring dry-cleaning

Safe, Secure Storage

Ensuring the safe-keeping of your possessions while in our care is a top priority. Our facilities and services include:

Safe, secure storage

Secure vaults and large lock-up areas

Both short and long term storage options

Our Capabilities

Arcbuild Insurance is equipped to handle any contents pack-out, whatever the size. We provide storage for a single room of items right up to a complete pack-out, cleaning and restoration of an entire office block.