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Arcbuild Insurance Restoration

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Prestige Restoration

Arcbuild Insurance Prestige Property Service

At Arcbuild Insurance we appreciate that owning a prestige home will mean a home that contains an elegant expression of a lifestyle. Aspects such as libraries, gymnasiums, considered interior designs and investment artworks. 

Arcbuild Insurance knows that a swift emergency response will undoubtedly heighten the chance of preserving such precious artefacts and homes in their original state.

Within one hour of your call we will have a Security Guard at your insured’s property to ensure maximum security and peace of mind.  Our Security Guard will be at the disposal of your client until the entire affected contents of their home are catalogued, packed and transported to high security storage.   Once secure, your insured’s artefacts will be stabilised whist being assessed by the leading industry professionals, to begin the process of restoring them as close as possible to their pre-event condition. 

Arcbuild Insurance cares for the safety of the insured’s property as much as it cares for restoring their home and artefacts. 

We use the highest quality methods necessary to achieve this Prestige Service.