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Storm & Wind

Storm & Wind Damage

Arcbuild Insurance offer a range of emergency storm and wind damage restoration services such as, board ups, roof tarping, temporary power, debris removal, roof repair, cladding repair we offer 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year our disaster recovery teams can be on-site within 60 minutes of your call.

High winds from storms can cause all types of havoc. Wind, rain, lightning and hail can all severley damage your roof, slam a tree into your house, and drive debris through your windows and walls. Wind damage from strong storms can occur at any time of the year and can range from very minor to severe. In those severe cases, it is vital to your home’s integrity to call the Arcbuild Insurance team right away.

At Arcbuild Insurance, we pride ourselves on swift efficient emergency response. Our disaster recovery teams are on call 24/7 to handle any calls for storm or wind damage. We will be onsite right away to assess the damage caused and ready to perform our many services from board ups to property protection, rest assured that we have the manpower and resources to get your life back in order and your property stable until the insurance assessors arrive. We then work with your insurance company to repair the wind damage, cut and carrying away debris, stabilize the structure, and mend all structural and cosmetic harm.

Some Of The Services We Offer For Storm & Wind Damage:

  • Immediate measures to secure your property and prevent further damage
  • Repair roof damage, provide emergency water damage mitigation
  • Emergency vehicles on-site with generators, materials and tools
  • Inspection and evaluation of damage
  • Board-up & security services to prevent theft, injury and additional damage
  • Restore electricity and natural gas if necessary
  • Temporary plumbing repairs
  • Window replacement
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Remove debris and clean-up
  • Removal, storage and restoration of contents
  • Full turnkey service from disaster to reconstruction